Classical Ballet and Dance Classes for Children and Adults

What picture does the phrase ‘Classical Dance’ conjure up in your mind’s eye?

Is it one of a room-full of children bouncing about to music?

Or of rows of aspiring ballet students holding a practice barre whilst swinging pointed toes?

Is it the striving to achieve examination success?

More Cats and A Chorus Line than Swan Lake or Giselle?

For many of us, it’s most of these things… but for us ‘Classical Dance’ means much more than any of these:

You see, for us it’s poise and elegance, movement and strength. It’s awareness, character and knowledge and often about examinations but also about achievement and success.

And it’s also fun, enjoyment, expression, release, laughter, friendship, confidence and growing as people.

And passion. Above all it’s passion.

If our picture of ‘Classical Dance’ meets yours, and you’re interested in Dance for yourself or your children, in Bristol or Bath, then spend a moment looking around this website, and then contact us on 01225 635309 or use the contact form. We’d love to hear from you.

I have learnt so much from you, lessons I will keep with me for ever…”